UNICHARM SILCOT Premium Natural Facial Cotton
  • UNICHARM SILCOT Premium Natural Facial Cotton

    In moisturizing ※ incorporated into the natural cotton 100, fluffy moist, gentle puff on your skin. Moisturizing ingredients that are also used in moisturizing tissue ※ was incorporated into the natural cotton. Round cut corners are not hit. One sometimes happy one point design! Few sheets, contains the puff embossed has entered the "happy clover motif".

    "Unicharm Shirukotto soft rich tailoring 66 sheets" is a moisturizing ingredients, fluffy moist, friendly cotton to your skin. Since the wrap flipping the batting in cotton, there is no fluff and shapeless. Since difficult to remain in the makeup water is batting was included, it is possible to return to firm your skin lotion. Since leaving no fibers in the skin and it is suitable for putting. So that the corner does not hit the skin, large size was cut round.