悅刻5代幻影 RELX Phantom device - Black
  • 悅刻5代幻影 RELX Phantom device - Black

    he unique 4-scale battery indicator design on the Phantom's body can display the remaining battery and charging progress at any time, so as to relieve the user's anxiety about the unknown battery. At the same time, technological breakthroughs have been achieved in terms of charging speed, battery capacity, oil leakage prevention technology, and material technology.

    In terms of power consumption, RELX Phantom uses type-C standard interface input. Compared with RELX’s first-generation products, the new product’s battery capacity has increased by 9% and the charging efficiency has increased by 31%. In addition, the Phantom has been improved and upgraded in ten performance aspects such as oil leakage prevention, suction experience, product safety, service life, and product feel, and the product strength has been comprehensively improved.

    In terms of oil leakage prevention, the Phantom pod system uses an 11-layer labyrinth structure, and its oil leakage prevention capability is 40% higher than that of the RELX first generation. The innovatively increased design of the independent pressure relief hole at the bottom of the pod system can balance the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pod system, which greatly eliminates the risk of self-starting, and takes into account product sensitivity and safety.


    Product parameters:

    Battery capacity: 380mAh

    Maximum charging current: 700mA

    The package includes:

    pod system x1

    USB Type-C charging cable x1

    Manual (set) x 1


    Compatible with pods:

    Relx Phantom pod, Relx Infinity pods, Veex V4 Pods